A collaboration space for founders, VC’s, developers & experts.

Together we accelerate blockchain adoption across the world.

we believe
  • Blockchain is more than a technology. It enables humanity to create value by sharing & collaborating.

  • Blockchain is upgrading Internet into store of value.

  • Majority of world's transactions will eventually run on blockchain.



At BVH we know how to find smart money and talents that fit your team.


We are building a vivid community of blockchain founders where they can share insights, knowledge and network. Simply build together, collaborate. BVH experts provide them with venture building advisory, workshops and connections to professional service providers. Not to mention VC’s and angel investors - both global and local.

Venture Capitals

Team up with experienced investors and learn how to seed into blockchain.


Blockchain Ventures Hub exists to train and lead the most promising founders to the VC’s from our community. BVH means quality investment opportunities in seed and private rounds. Additionally, we do integrate blockchain investors environment by organizing various networking opportunities, facilitating a common dialogue and dealflow sharing.


Learn how to code smart contracts and find challenging opportunities.


Looking to start your career in blockchain programming? Seeking interesting blockchain projects to support & cooperate with? Feeling like teaching others the art of smart contracts development? Join our network and find new opportunities. For yourself.

Blockchain Experts

Build a solid network of industry professionals.


Blockchain space is growing dynamically but oftentimes it’s a speed over quality approach. Our ethos at BVH is to put quality first - that is why we decided to enrich the community of founders & investors with blockchain experts. Are you one of them? Join our network and find your next customers.

We work with world class investors to help ecosystem ventures grow.

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The Ecosystem. Where human passion collides with the capital.

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Meet our team.

Strategists, advisors, investors, builders.

  • Tomasz Kopera

    CEO, Founding Partner


    Founding Partner

  • Kamil Jarzombek

    Strategic Advisor


    Legal Advisor


The Blockchain
Festival of Europe.

Next Block Expo - one of the biggest industry events in Europe - brings founders, investors and blockchain experts together to redefine & discover the future of web3.


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